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Fula Family

They traveled around the world for a long time. Since April 2004 they are living in a clay house (6 people) at Moon Village. Father Fula (Japanese) Mother Eva (Spanish).
Fula plays Guitar, bas, bamboo flute and vocal.

The children don't go to ordinary school. All the people in Moon Village are the teachers. They study Japanese, English and Mathematics. Teachers are welcome.

Our Cooking Area

On the left: Japanese tradition oven made by Tabo from Japan. The base of the stove is made from stones. The rest is made from rice straw and mud.

On the right: Clay oven for bread and pizza! It is made of elephant droppings and clay. Made by Takashi.

From left to right: the kitchen, the stove and oven building. The other 2 building on the right are the chicken house and human house (Keiji's).

Hexagon Shape Structure

Near by the kitchen is the relaxing place. This strutcture has 6 sides. Most of it is made of bamboo, and it is designed by our friend from Thailand, Soy.

A look inside: In the middle a six sided firepit.


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