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Last Update: June 2011 (but most pictures are from the old Moon Village)

We Have Moved!

In 2008, we moved from our old location in Mae Yen Village (1.3km/0.8miles from Pai bus station) to a beatiful new location in the countryside about 4km/2.5mi from downtown Pai:

See Map
See Photos of New Moon Village
More Information on Moon Village (Japanese)
Toron's Home Page
The website you are reading now was created in 2004 and still has pictures of the old Moon Village. But the spirit has not changed!

12/1/2012 Festival for 108 Days!

Come join our Happy Hippy Happening at New Moon Village on 1 December 2012 for 108 days:

For all the information, see:

Moon Village 12/1/2012 Festival
Toron's Home Page
Planting Rice

On the morning of August 5th 2004, about 20 Friends came to help us plant rice. By the middle of the day, the work finished. The rest of the day was for eating and music.
In the picture: Taechan from Japan.

*Perma-culture or Mai-pen-rai-culture

Many people ask us what kind of agriculture we do. The answer is: *Mai-pen-rai-culture... However, we don't use any chemicals!
In the picture: Takashi from Japan. He has lived in Pai for quite a long time. He likes to farm, and every day comes to do something. We are welcoming volunteers.

*Mai-pen-rai: In Thai means never mind. Thai people use this words a lot, in daily talking and acting.

**Moon Village Logo designed by: Aeo, a Thai Artist. Sculptured: by Andlius, a Greek artist.

***This website designed by Toron and Shlomi Rafaeli



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We Have Moved!
Dtan Jet Dton, 4km (2.5miles) from Pai Bus Station


On July 15th 2002

Established By
Keiji and Toron and friends.
Both of us are aquarius guys!

Toron: Playing Shakuhachi, Japanese traditional flute
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Keiji: In a Shanti moment