This website gives you lots of information about Pai, a wonderful, small (but growing) town nestled in the hills of Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand.

You can get a good introduction to Pai with lots of pictures, you can check out a photo overview of the Pai floods of 2005, and you can explore the growing number of internet sites about Pai.

PaiHere are some detailed pages about Pai.
Complete introduction to Pai with lots of pictures; updated every few months.
floods of 2005
Pai often floods, but in 2005 we had a doosey. See "before" and "after" pix and videos.
loy kratong
Some images of the yearly Loy Kratong festival as it is practiced in Pai.
the mystery of tha pai bridge
Hak Hakanson looks into the true origins of Pai's so-called Japanese WWII bridge
LocationSome useful information to help you get to and around Pai
Schedules, costs, and advice for the bus, minivan, plane—even the Golden Dragon!
Here's some maps of Pai.

Grass-RootsLocal action to help preserve Pai.
help save pai hot springs from the bangkok bureaucrats!

The Bangkok Forestry Department has taken control of this Pai treasure, which has been free and locally run for centuries, and slapped an outrageous 200B admission fee (ransome) for foreigners only—5 times what Thais pay.

Now there is a way that you can make your voice heard and help take back the hot springs, even if you are not in Pai! It just takes a few minutes of your time. This page tells you how:
and People
Excellent information excerpted with permission from The Paioneer by local resident Thomas Kasper
A fascinating history of Pai, from ancient days to today.
Learn about the Hill Tribes found around Pai and in Northern Thailand.
Outside LinksHere are some sites created by Pai citizens. These sites are not mine (not even the ones that are hosted on and I do not take any credit or responsibility for stuff that appears on these sites!
lisu cellular singing
Enjoy a preview of a Cool Documentary by a Pai local about how the people of the local Lisu hill tribe have adopted modern technology to continue their ancient singing tradition.
moon village
A little community of mostly Japanese hippies in Pai, who are organizing a 12/1/2012 festival for 108 days starting 1 December 2012! Moon Village is run by a fun guy named Toron. I mention Toron and Moon Village in my Pai intro, but here is a site all about Moon Village that Toron and Shlomi Rafaeli created in 2004.
xhale yoga pai
Local Pai Yoga Studio with organized 5-day yoga and meditation retreats.
thai hermit yoga
On this site, some Pai locals offer periodic, 3/7 day yoga/massage health retreats in the Pai area. Check the website for retreat details.
thai language course: book and cd
A complete, beginner-level Thai Language course (book and CDs) written by a Pai local. Provides Thai script and transliteration for every word. Provides both normal and word-for-word translations of every Thai sentence, to help you learn Thai grammar.
64 bit jungle
Who says you can't be high-tech in the boonies? A Pai local hosts a technical blog about Linux.
lisu hilltribe experience
The website of the Lisu Hill Tribe Homestay and Cultural Immersion Experience, offering stays, cultural introduction, jewelry making, massage, and detox in a Lisu village nearby Pai.
the healing company
A website belonging to a local practitioner of Reiki and Reflexology. Pai is a very popular place for alternative healing techniques.
Another commercial portal for attractions and businesses in Pai. has a lot of different categories where people can add their business listings. There is also a companion website with housing/land sale and rental listings.
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